Heyyo, I'm horny Jess.
maz listhrop complimented my boobs ok
$ hundred million nigga.

/ next


why do straight people always think that people who aren’t straight are going to hit on them like you ain’t that hot sit down



free fonts *good ones* 

reeeeeally good idea for rp no motivation

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My second little gradients for you all and all my followers that had stayed loyal and didn't unfollow while I was on my hiatus. To be honest, I really like these and I feel like I did a good job on them. I've tested them out on various gifs with different shades and brightness, they turn out marvelous but you can always change the settings to your liking. Enjoy them and if you have any issues or concerns please feel free to message me.

The gradients are in order: click here

shhh no u are

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@Ashton5SOS: Guys… I’m making it my mission to be more like wolverine then mike when I see him next hahahaha

wth ur  frikkin cute u r perf ok

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every show on nickelodeon has made some boob jokes and no one has noticed until now